Juicing Your Veggies

My Juicing Testimony

Juicing has been a part of my life for about fifteen years now.  It was one of the first proactive things I did when I first began my healing journey.  I was a diligent and juiced six days a week.  Juicing was done every two days in the late afternoon for the following two days.  The juice will last for forty-eight hours without disturbing its molecular structure.  This is important when we are doing this in an effort to heal and rebuild.

My day would begin at 6 a.m. with one 8-oz glass of juice with a subsequent glass the next five hours on the hour. Our bodies can only handle eight ounces at a time.  Otherwise, the juice will go through the digestive system which would defeat the goal of healing and rebuilding at the cellular level.  Sending the juice to the cellular level will bring less work to the body enabling it to take in all the vital nutrients from the juice needed to repair and restore.  Our cells need to regenerate and the most proactive way of doing this is to juice.


When I refer to healing in this article, I am speaking of healing in which your overall body will become stronger.  I am in no way suggesting that juicing will jumpstart your pancreas to begin working again.  Juicing will promote healing in areas to possibly prevent future complications.  We know that high blood sugars and our weakened immune systems can wreak havoc in our bodies.  This is something proactive we can do to minimalize and possibly prevent altogether these complications.  Woohoo!

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life.  Proverbs 13:12, KJV

Digestion was one area my body improved and because of the cleansing of my liver, this gave my immune system an opportunity to work on its own in fighting colds, etc.  My energy levels soared, as well.  These are significant as we are often assumed to have poor immune function leading to slow healing wounds and insignificant colds turning into serious maladies.  Keeping our bodies working at an optimal level is a key in any chronic disease.  This promotes longevity and overall a better quality of life.  I don’t know about you, but I want the best quality of life available, all my days.

Juice Your Vegetables and Eat Your Fruits

Many who juice push juicing fruits as well as vegetables; however, in our case, I do not agree.  Our bodies need the vitamins and minerals from the vegetables to go directly into the cells.  With carrots being so full of sugar, why would we need to add more through fruits?  Another point here is that fruits have a lot of fiber in them and therefore are beneficial as a sweep for the intestines.  Juicing them instead would negate this benefit.

I have to admit the first few days of juicing were a little tough, no food and just this orange juice.  However, within a short amount of time, my body actually began craving it.  Each day when the next hour would come my taste buds were anxiously awaiting the juice.  I mainly did just carrots but after a while began adding some other vegetables to boost the nutrient content.  Celery leaves have a natural insulin-type effect on our bodies so this was one thing I quickly added.  Green beans also have this same type of effect.  Now, of course, the taste is not so great here so I would only do a couple a day.😊 There are many options in vegetables that would bring a great healing reward.  Some excellent choices would be spinach, kale, and cabbage.  One of my newer favorite combinations is, lemon & ginger.  It is delicious.

 Juicing and Blood Sugars

Carrots, as I mentioned earlier are full of sugar; however, in my experience, I immediately saw great results and was able to cut out my morning time insulin.  As we are cleaning out our liver through this juicing we are rebuilding our entire system which enables our bodies to draw the nutrients out of our food and dispose of the waste appropriately.  The liver plays a large part in maintaining blood sugar levels so, naturally, even in our weakened state strengthening the liver will have beneficial results.


Juicing, An Important Benefit To Our Health

The benefits of juicing are so prolific. Using carrots and other vegetables which are full of living and nutritious components, the juice you extract from these delectable veggies and fruits will begin rebuilding and rejuvenating your body down to the very cells and the blood which flows throughout your body.  The liver and gut are two problematic areas for most of society these days, but especially those of us who deal with chronic disease, such as,  blood sugar imbalances.  In addition to the liver, the gut is constantly needing to be cleaned out.  Our gut is the central location where infection and disease are rooted.  I found when I did this cleanse that yearly colds and stomach viruses were alleviated.  My body was able to work the way it was meant to do so by strengthening the cells and organs.

The liver is the largest organ in our bodies and performs over 500 functions, including neutralizing toxins in our bodies.  We pick up toxins each day from the air we breathe, the clothes we wear and eating foods which are contaminated with pesticides, among other aspects of our heavy-laden toxic lives.  When our liver is burdened with numerous toxins we begin experiencing a breakdown of other organs in our body, as well.  This is why juicing was so important to my initial rebuilding when I first started down my healing journey.  I cannot emphasize enough the importance of this practice and I fully give credit to the work it did and the healing it brought alone.


What Kind of Juicer

When I began juicing I was serious about this practice for my health, so I didn’t go to the local department store to purchase one.  After a lot of research, we knew I needed one that would do the job of detoxing and rebuilding.  The centrifugal juicers you find at the local big box stores are great for making tasty juices but if you’re looking for something to enhance your health then I suggest you use a masticating juicer.  My juicer uses a twin gear system which enables the vegetables to be pushed through at a slow speed.  The benefit which comes from this is that it keeps the juice cool and the enzymes alive.  This is a big part of the healing process.

If you’re sitting here thinking it seems like too big of a commitment or you can’t spend that kind of money.  I understand because I had those thoughts as well.  But being on the other side now, I can tell you I am so glad I took the plunge.  It was such a great way to start getting my body healthier.  It wasn’t a fad, it was my life.  I was serious about doing it and was determined to see it through, and I did see it through.  In the resource section of my website, you will find a link for Ebates.  I highly recommend you sign up for Ebates before ordering your juicer.  This will provide cash back for this purchase.  A good juicer is a lifetime investment.  And looking at it from another point of view, what if juicing could prevent emergency room visits or future complications involving added medical cost?  Would it not be worth it?

How Often Do I Juice Now?

Juicing is not something I continue to do full time at this point in my life.  However, I do take several times a year to plunge in for a period of time to do a cleanse.  I know it is a huge help to my overall system.  If you’re sitting on the fence deciding whether or not to take this plunge, I encourage you to do so.  Especially, if your health has not been optimal and you have lived on the Standard American Diet for some time now.  You will notice a difference.  If you have a child who lives with this disease, I encourage you as a loving parent to do something proactive for your child to give him or her a life full of health benefits and absent of the many things which can go wrong.


Below is one recipe for a plain glass of carrot juice, but if you will check the Recipes page I have several listed here.  My favorite recipe right now is one that has lemon and ginger in it.  Yummy!  It is one of the most delicious juice recipes I have ever made; however, I do recommend this one not be a replacement for some of the other ones which have other vegetables in them.  Enjoy!


Carrot Juice

Servings 1


  • 4-5 Average Sized Organic Carrots


  1. Wash and trim carrots.  You will then begin pushing the carrots down through the shoot of the juicer.  Once you have all the carrots through, you will need to strain the juice into one container and then strain through one more time.  I use a small strainer for this.

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