Hello and Welcome To Thriving With Type 1

Hello!  I am so glad you’re here.  If you’ve been looking for information on Type I Diabetes, you’ve found the right place.  I have lived with this disease for thirty-nine years, and I would love to share with you what I have learned during this time.  I was diagnosed at the age of eight after several years of having brief stints of sicknesses and then a surgery the year before the diagnosis which removed my tonsils and adenoids.  Surgeries like these were common back then, but it is my personal feeling that this surgery contributed to the onset of the type 1 diabetes.  A compromised immune system wreaks havoc on a body and even though mine tried to do what it was created to do, it just could not keep up with attack after attack.  In most cases when the beta cells in a person’s body begin being attacked it is too late to do anything proactive to prevent the pancreas from completely shutting down.  With that said; however, this does NOT mean healthy choices will not reap healthy benefits which lead to thriving.

Thriving Outside The Box With Type 1 Diabetes

I have learned that The Lord has provided us with foods and other powerful things within His creation to bring health in a safe manner.  When our bodies are nutritionally fed this leads to a more powerful immune system to fight the bugs which come our way and strengthen us to overcome the many obstacles Type 1’s face.  God’s natural elements are here to build us up, not tear us down as man-made toxins do.  If you want to thrive you must do things differently because the evidence is clear,  a life which follows the world’s way leads to many problems and early deaths.  There is a better way.

  Continually eating foods and using products which serve no nutritional value will eventually take a huge toll on our systems.  This happens in all of us, those living with any type of disease as well as healthy individuals.  I have houseplants which I water each week and provide with plenty of sunshine.  If I did not water them or put them in the sun, what would happen to these plants?  They would shrivel up and die.  We may not be able to see this as quickly with our own bodies, but it will happen.  For many of my adult years, I chose to live like the typical American.  My family ate food which came in boxes and we cooked it in microwaves.  I drank sodas and ate “moderate” sugar from more boxed products off the grocery store shelves. This led to a decline in my health which I know The Lord used to change my perspective.


From the onset, my parents took a proactive stance and made sure I was on a schedule with regular meals and activity.  Treats were just that and sodas were not even considered.  However, things changed as I grew up.  School cafeteria food and the option of eating a candy bar rather than a regular lunch meal were often my choices.  When my husband and I were married I tried to cook good meals and live the structured life my mom had modeled but after a while, my good intentions became tainted and molded by society’s standards.

Within five years of marriage, I had two children and life was going well.  Although we ate at home most evenings the meals were often full of boxed convenient foods.  I rarely even knew what my blood sugar was  I remember seeing a dietician when I was pregnant with our second child.  The only thing I remember, still to this day was her random example about donuts.  “It’s okay to eat one or two, just don’t eat the whole dozen.”  Oh my!  Even then I knew this just wasn’t right.


A Change In My Perspective

Somewhere about the twenty-four-year mark, I wasn’t feeling well.  My doctor did some tests but really didn’t find much.  His words were, “most diabetics begin having problems at around the fifteen to twenty-year mark, so you’re lucky”.  These were the words that changed my life.  I was young and still had young children at home.  Giving up on life wasn’t an option.  I went home and began praying, which I had already been doing in a way that put the responsibility on God alone.  “Just heal me Lord” was my prayer most of the months before this point.  On this particular day though my attitude changed, “Lord, what do I need to change?”  And guess what?  He showed me.

He took me out of what the world sees as normal and put me in a new place that took me out of that norm.  It didn’t make me above anyone else and especially anyone living with this type 1 diabetes.  It just made me start understanding and taking responsibility for my health and the choices I was making.  I knew this disease and had lived it every day but now I was going to take it by the reigns, with The Lord teaching me things that weren’t what the medical world was teaching.  I was going to be responsible.  Now, I did NOT stop taking insulin.  I am in no way promoting that at all.  At the time I was on no other medications and continue that to this day, a true blessing.

Between the death sentences and the lack of knowledge from the medical field, I was irritated.  It was annoying to have even medical doctors comparing me with type 2’s.  There is a difference, but oftentimes we run into doctors who do not understand those differences.  I’m here to let you know, you or your child can thrive.  I thankfully, left the death sentences behind to fill my life with hope and purpose.  Just as The Bible tells us in the Old Testament…life and death are our choices, it’s completely up to each one of us as to which one we choose.


Proof For All To See

Over the next couple of years after drastically changing my life I would see doctors and they were amazed at my results.  I had two more children after this and many in the medical field said they had never seen anyone live with this disease and have the results I was having.  Even in this disease, one is able to thrive.  Please grab a hold of this.  If you have been diagnosed recently with type 1 or perhaps you’ve known this disease for years, or maybe your child has been recently diagnosed with type 1, there is a better way.


Taking Responsibility For My Own Health

I began to realize that I was responsible for my health and living like I had been living was taking me down a path I did not want to go down.  So, things began changing.  My whole mindset went from, “what can you do for me to keep me from this” to “what can I do”.  I began seeing that The Lord gives us, even those of us who do carry a disease, natural things that help us live a more fruitful and abundant life.

Previously when I would feel a tingle in my throat, I would run to the doctor and get an antibiotic.  Antibiotics are helpful in certain situations, but they should not be our go-to because there are serious repercussions for putting these things into our systems.  However, if we are putting health-building elements into our body, this goes a long way in protecting us from infections, inflammations and those sick bugs that fly around in society including cancer.  What I had been filling my body with was processed junk that was no better than eating a cardboard box.  Examples would be sugary cereals for breakfast, pizza bites for lunch, and a boxed pasta meal for supper.  There might also be chips, cookies, or crackers during the day.  These “non-nutrients” will only rob the body of its essential elements and then for those of us who are dealing with disease leads us down a path to more problems.  Often those problems are things that cannot be reversed.


Living Naturally With Type 1 Diabetes

The Lord has given us many natural things for our health that we often take for granted.  Sunshine should be our main source of vitamins, such as D and E.  Fresh air is healing to many parts of our body.  Water is something we should drink in abundance each day in exchange for the sugar-laden replacements Americans have come to depend on.  We are given time for rest each evening as the sun goes down.  My grandmother always spoke this adage, “Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.  There is a lot of wisdom in this.  We often stay up too late watching television, working on the computer when we should be resting.  Our body needs sleep, eight to ten hours should be the norm.  An interesting tidbit I learned years ago on my journey is every hour before midnight that you sleep is like double time.  If you go to bed at 9:00 p.m. that’s like having six hours of sleep before midnight.  Isn’t that great?

On my journey, I became convicted of the fact that I am a child of God and His Spirit lives in me, yet I wasn’t making His home a clean place.  Many of the diseases we deal with these days could be alleviated by placing utmost importance on our bodies as The Lord’s home.  Living as society does as a whole will only bring debilitating consequences and early deaths.  The Lord knows the number of our days but these can be altered by us when we make choices against His plan.

Results Of An Unhealthy Lifestyle

North America and Europe have some of the highest rates of Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis while Asia and South America have some of the lowest.  Could it be from their diets?  I think so.  These areas of the world are not consuming convenient foods.  The norm for those of us who live with this disease is to eat whatever we want and then take more insulin.  This is NOT the answer.  Insulin is what keeps us alive but taking more than what we need will cause us to have problems.

Preserving food zaps many and most nutrients which our body needs to survive and thrive.  We cannot thrive on nutrition which has been diluted and too often nullified so that it can be placed on a grocery store shelf for months, and perhaps years at a time.  Our body is a beautiful creation that can learn to adapt but eventually will experience complete destruction if we fail to replenish it with the essential nutrients it needs to thrive.  Sunshine, water, vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids are some of the crucial elements I am referring to here.  These things come from the Earth in it’s most natural form.  Vitamins and minerals are found in colorful vegetables, greens, and luscious fruits.  These are best when they have been untainted by toxins and chemicals.  Pesticides are harmful to our bodies and alter our composition bringing on diseases, such as cancers.  Our family grows and buys mostly organic.  I believe this is a choice we must make for better health.

But isn’t this way hard and expensive?  Sure it is if you do it like mainstream healthy gurus but I was a stay at home mom, homeschooling our children with a self-employed husband when I first began this journey and I found ways around spending a fortune.  Eating healthy, spending wisely, and living on a budget is possible.  Did it take work?  Absolutely, but changing to live a healthy lifestyle will reap benefits and provide you or your child the ability to live a thriving life.  On top of the fact that by being healthier we need less medical care which saves us money.


My Journey To Thriving

I was a total newbie at anything regarding health, but I delved in with a yearning to learn and make changes.  Hours were spent researching and studying.  I changed our family’s eating habits almost immediately.  Juicing was one of the first things I did to promote healing within my system.  More on this over the next couple of weeks.  I cleaned my house of anything that was obviously harmful, such as sweeteners, mainstream condiments, and table salt.  Our meals became centered on healthy meats and vegetables, things which did not come in a box. We took our microwave out of our kitchen.  In addition to this, we also changed our toiletries and cleaning products.  I will be sharing recipes and resources for these things in the Recipe and the Resource pages.  Please refer to them often.

My focus was eating healthy but also to change the way I responded to anything that was adverse in mine and my family’s health.  A low blood sugar was at one time an excuse to eat sugar.  This practice ended and I began not only trying to keep from having these low blood sugars by being in tighter control but also trying to have a healthy alternative to raising the blood sugar.  After trying several options, such as nuts, juice, cheese among a few other things, I have found one of the best solutions is to eat 1/2 of a banana, and sometimes a whole banana.  Some of what we do is trial and error.  We are all created differently.  My warning though is to not go overboard.  It is easier to raise a blood sugar with a little more of something rather than needing to lower it with more insulin.  We are not computers adding data and then spewing out the same results.  We are uniquely created.


 One Last Word

You will find that I do not like being called a diabetic.  I remember as a child hearing others calling me this and how hurtful it was.  Since becoming an adult I can tell you I like it even less.  My walk with The Lord has taught me that I am His and referring to me as a disease can cause anyone to feel like less of a person.  We all know the old adage of sticks & stones not to be true in real life.  I am a child of God, a wife to my husband, a mother to my children, a daughter to my parents, a sister, a friend; but I am not a diabetic.  I have a blood sugar imbalance that the medical world calls diabetes.  If you have a child who has recently been diagnosed, I encourage you to be careful about the way you talk about them tied to this disease.  Do not bind them to this disease because those binds are often hard to repair.

I hope you’ll comment below and let me know where you are in your journey.  And then I hope you’ll sign up to receive the post each week for more information on how I transformed from a typical type 1 to a thriving type 1.


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